Ampoule intelligente à intensitée variable


Control your lighting as you wish, remotely 

  • Da solo
  • 2 smart bulbs & remote control
  • 1 Ampoule + 1 Télécommande
  • 1 Ampoule + 1 Interrupteur
  • 2 Ampoules + 1 Interrupteur double

14,90 €

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Ampoule intelligente à intensitée variable

14,90 €

Ampoule intelligente à intensitée variable


Create the perfect lighting environment from your sofa, to suit your needs, your wishes, or your mood, with the DiO smart bulb.

With the DiO 1.0 control of your choice right there at your fingertips, adjust your lighting to a bright setting for work, or a softer setting for a romantic dinner.

In short

  • Remote control from your sofa or bed with the DiO 1.0 control of your choice: remote, wireless switch, or smartphone
  • Vary the brightness of your smart bulb according to your requirements
  • Set timers, centralise your lights, and program life scenarios with your smartphone and our detectors
  • Brightness: 806 Lm (incandescent equivalent: 60 W)
  • Contents: One warm white E27 bulb (3000K)

Dimmable DiO 1.0 connected LED bulb

  • 54735-module-eclairage-interrupteur-sans-fil

     The perfect brightness

    Dimming offers the possibility to create personalised environments according to the room and the time of day, and to create scenarios according to your habits.

    Like a magic wand, DiO 1.0 wireless controls let you instantly adjust your lighting to a high setting to cook or help your children with their homework, or a lower setting for a spot of relaxation, a romantic dinner, or settling in with a good book.

    You can also make significant energy savings, by adjusting the brightness of your connected bulb according to the time of day and the season.

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    Incredibly easy to install

    'It only takes a few seconds to install your smart lighting...

    Replace your existing bulb with the DiO smart bulb and connect it by simply pressing the ON button on the DiO 1.0 control of your choice: 
    - Remote control, 
    - Wireless switches, 
    - LiteBox or HomeBox to control via your smartphone.


    Lighting to suit your habits

    Connect the wireless bulb to the DiO LiteBox or HomeBox, and thanks to the free smartphone app, You can set timers, centralise your DiO lighting, and program personalised life scenarios.

    With a single click of your smartphone or from a DiO control, activate the vacation scenario to simulate a presence when you are away, or the cinema atmosphere scenario, alarm clock, etc.

    Take it further by automating your lighting with our motion detectors, light and opening detectors, for example so that your lights go on when you enter the room, or go off when enough natural light is coming in from outside.

    A scalable solution  

    According to your lifestyle and your desires, you can adapt all installations to make them controllable using the DiO 1.0 range, or add additional DiO 1.0-compatible control points.
    Transform your facilities, with the following features amongst others:
    - The smart home socket to wirelessly control all your lights or electrical appliances,
    - The shutter module, for wireless control and centralisation of all your roller blinds.

    Add controls:
    - The wireless switch, easy to position without pulling cables,
    - The remote control, that lets you control your lights in comfort, from your sofa,
    - The LiteBox or the HomeBox, to adjust the lighting from your smartphone.


    Do you want to create smart lighting?

    Add the DiO smart LED to your basket.

Scheda tecnica

Distanza di trasmissione
Fino a 50 m (in campo aperto)
Protocollo radio (accessori)
DiO 1.0 (433,92MHz by DiO)
Mobile appControl via smartphone
Possible with LiteBox or HomeBox
Feedback stato (on/off, open/close, ...)
Tipo di controllo
On/Off + Variateur
Product type