Smart Heating Pack


I make energy savings thanks to my user-friendly smart thermostat 

179,00 €

Enjoy a discount of -70,00 €

249,00 €

Including 0,12 € for ecotax (not impacted by the discount)

Smart Heating Pack

179,00 €

Smart Heating Pack

Thanks to my Smart Heating Pack, I can
  • I customize the setting of my connected heating easily with my heating controller: up to 4 points of programming a day, adjustment every 30 min and 1 ° C;
  • I control my remote heating with state feedback: I visualize the temperature and the state of my heating on my smartphone as a wireless thermostat.


1 HomeBox DiO, 1 boiler module with state feedback, 1 wireless temperature sensor sober design and miniaturized, Fixing accessories and connection


I plug the module to the boiler and connect the module and the temperature sensor to my HomeBox DiO.

Wherever I am, I control the heating in my connected house.

    Data sheet

    Transmission range
    Up to 150m (in open field)
    Radio protocol (Devices)
    DiO 2.0 (868,3MHz by edisio)
    Radio protocol (HomeBox)
    DiO 1.0 (433,92MHz by DiO) + DiO 2.0 (868,3MHz by edisio)
    Control via smartphone
    Yes, from anywhere
    Feedback status (on/off, open/close, ...)
    Up to 44 devices
    Heating type
    Central heating & Classic electrical heating
    Product type
    Complete solution
    indoor (IP20), do not use in wet environment
    ER 14 250 (incl.)
    Battery life (normal use)
    About 3 years
    Working temperature
    from -5°C to +50°C
    Points of time programming
    4 per day
    Heating ajusting
    30 min., 1°C
    Delta temperature
    ajustable: 0,5°C or 1°C (+/-10%)
    0,1°C (+/- 10%)

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