DiO ‘Connected Home’

Our solutions

Specialist of the connected home, DiO offers a range of innovative and complete solutions for achieving energy savings while improving the comfort of my home.

The packs DiO Solutions for a connected home allows me to activate at once or according to my needs, the solutions heater, lighting, shutters, surveillance and garden 'proposed by DiO

Scenario "I leave home" :

In one click, I close my shutters, I turn off my lights and I set my connected thermostat to economy mode.

DiO_Heating   Heating

I control the temperature of the whole of my connected house at all times no matter where I am.

Whether I am retained at work, in traffic or return from the doctor with my sick child, the solution DiO 'Heating Pack' of connected heating gives me better control of my thermostat from my smartphone based on the time and allows me to save up to 25% (source ADEME).

DiO_Smart_Light   Lighting

I control the lighting in my connected house or any connected electrical device from my smartphone.

DiO Solutions 'Lighting Pack' home automation lighting allow me, for example, to turn off all my lights in 1 click while going to sleep, to program the reading light for my child to turn off after he fell asleep, turn on the coffee machine in the morning from my bed or turn on the television to avoid missing the evening of film.

DiO_Smart_Shutter   Rolling shutters

I centralize the opening and closing of my shutters automation with a single click, when I leave the house to simulate a presence when I'm away or by my waking hours and sleeping.

Thanks to the solution DiO Automation Pack, I can better insulate and protect my house at any time and no matter where I am.

Scenario "Home Cinema" :

From my smartphone, I close the shutters of my living room and I reduce my lighting to recreate a cinema atmosphere at home .

DiO_Camera   Video surveillance

I visualize at any time, wherever I am, the inside and outside of my house.

The DiO wireless video surveillance camera allows me, for example, to visualize what is going on in my house while I was away or to monitor my sleeping baby when I'm in the kitchen. A memory card system (not provided) also allows me to record when motion is detected and therefore to review what happened.

DiO_Garden   Garden

I secure the approaches to my house or I create lighting scenes in my garden.

The accessories 'Garden' of exterior lighting for home automation allows me, among other things, to extend my summer evenings outdoors with an ambiance lighting .

Scenario "Garden light" :

I easily set my garden lighting that turns on automatically when night falls and off at the programmed time


Once I haveve purchased a  DiO Connected Home Solution Pack, I download the app DiO Home, versatile and intuitive, from the App store or Google Play to control my home wherever I am.

I can always change my setup according to my desires with various DiO accessories such as: wireless switches, indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras, programmable shutters ....

I control my lights, my shutters, my heating being at home or remotely!