Why should I choose DiO solution ?

Easy, High-Performance, Versatile

With more than three million products that equip houses in Europe, our solutions are recognized on the Belgian and international 'Do-It-Yourself' markets 

Belgium Solutions designed to optimize the comfort of daily life: lighting controls, automation shutters, the connected heating, ... with ease of installation and use indispensable for the connected home.

Through the mastery of wireless technologies and a beautiful finish, home automation products DiO meet quality standards and user requirements, including providing optimal wireless transmission throughout the home.



  • No technical or computer skills required.

  • All solutions are wireless: no need to pull cables!

  • Installation in 3 steps.

  • A series of videos are available via 'Support' to guide me.

  • Solutions and mobile app developed according to the needs and experiences of our customers.

  • Solutions used at home (wireless switch / programmable remote control / connected thermostat) or outside home (smartphone, tablet or PC).

DiO Home Plug&Play


Always ahead in terms of innovation, the new DiO ecosystem uses the edisio protocol which is optimized for the concept of the connected home, offers an ideal transmission distance and allows bidirectional status feedback.

  • Transmission distance

Better functioning of my system without wires and distribution of the signal anywhere in the house thanks to the protocol and the 'signal repeater' function integrated directly into the receivers.

  • Return status

Any time, anywhere, I can start my heating, lighting, shutters but also be informed that a lamp remained lit, my door is opened or closed, or that my wireless thermostat is on 23 degrees.



Any DiO solutions are scalable and allow to gradually add the desired options: heating, lighting, and connected shutters.

Through the HomeBox, the DiO mobile app can control all DiO accessories, regardless of the wireless technology used:

  • Historical wireless protocol 433MHz by DiO
  • and new wireless protocol 868MHz by edisio optimized for smart home

Thanks to the mastery of those technologies, HomeBox also enables all accessories to communicate with each other, whatever their protocole is.