Garden Solution Pack for lights, portals, ...


Easily control your outdoor lights, watering systems, fountains, portals or grave door with your remote control!

199,00 €

Including 0,16 € for ecotax

Garden Solution Pack for lights, portals, ...

199,00 €

Garden Solution Pack for lights, portals, ...

Garden Solution Pack is a ready-to-use system to control easily your outdoor lights, watering systems, fountains, portals or grave door with your remote control.

You can also create scene with customizable built-in timer from 5 to 240 minutes !

Two design remote controls are included, so that you can also control your outdoor devices one by one, all together, or both !


1 Garden Module with 1 input - 4 output and IP box
+ 2 remote controls 2 or 4 channels

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    Why having a "smart" garden ?

    The Garden Solution Pack allows you to control 4 separate zones of outdoor lighting from one or several wireless control points. So that you can easily create your light ambience for nice summer nights, but also secure your home surroundings.

    The automatization of your portal or garage door is also very important. Open with only one clic your entry path while you get back home, comfortably installed in your car, is a real comfort day after day.

    Finally, the built-in timer allows you to turn automatically off your lights, but also your pump, fountain or watering system. You save energy, save money, and improve your way of life.

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    Easy & centralized installation

    Easy to use and to install thanks to its preset, you just have to connect your solution to main power.

    Then, simply connect each of the 4 outputs with your accessories (lights, garage door, ...) to control them remotely, one by one, all together, or via your own life scenes thanks to the customizable built-in timer.


    Customize installation

    As all DiO systems, you can very easily extend your Garden Solution by adding DiO 2.0 accessories such as:

    - a wireless wall switch to get an indoor wireless control point in your house or at your entry door,

    - an extra remote control to easily control your installation anywhere in your house or garden.

    With the HomeBox, you also can control all your solution via your smartphone, anywhere in the world, and easily create your own life scene and time schedules.

    You want to automatize your garden in an easy, smart and fast way ? 

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Data sheet

Transmission range
Up to 150m (in open field)
Radio protocol (Devices)
DiO 2.0 (868,3MHz by edisio)
Control via smartphone
Possible with LiteBox or HomeBox
Feedback status (on/off, open/close, ...)
2 of 4
Max power
Max. 4x10A, 230VAC 50Hz
Control type
Product type
Complete solution
indoor or outdoor
CR 2032 3V (incl.)
Battery life (normal use)
About 3 years
Working temperature
From -10°C to +40°C
5min - 240min