Your accessible smart home solution, for you and by you

  • Easy to install and use, no technical knowledge necessary
  • Reliable solution, fitted in over a million homes already and 30 years’ expertise
  • Control your lamps, shutters, heating, gates, etc. wirelessly from your sofa or from the other side of the world with your smartphone

A house in tune with your lifestyle

  • Your lifestyle at the very heart of your installation: individually or centrally controlled, programmed to suit your schedule or the weather, ...
  • Scalable solution with many compatible accessories, depending on your budget and your needs

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I control all lighting in my home

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I open and close my shutters centrally

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I control and secure my house surroundings

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I heat my home economically, in a user-friendly way

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Video Surveillance

I visualize the inside and the outside of my home

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